Controlling user invitations with Auto activation enabled - Amazon WorkDocs

You must be an Amazon WorkDocs system administrator to complete the steps in this guide. If you need help using Amazon WorkDocs, see Getting started with Amazon WorkDocs in the Amazon WorkDocs User Guide.

Controlling user invitations with Auto activation enabled

When you enable Auto activation—and remember, it's on by default—you can give users the ability to invite other users. You can grant permission to one of the following:

  • All users

  • Power users

  • Administrators.

You can also disable permissions entirely, and these steps explain how.

To set invitation permissions
  1. Choose the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the WorkDocs client.

                        The default profile icon in the Amazon WorkDocs web client.

  2. Under Admin, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Scroll down to Security and choose Change.

    The Policy Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Under Who should be allowed to activate directory users in your WorkDocs site, select the Share with external users check box, select one of the options below the check box, then choose Save Changes.


    Clear the check box if you don't want anyone to invite new users, then choose Save Changes.