Deleting a site - Amazon WorkDocs

Notice: New customer sign-ups and account upgrades are no longer available for Amazon WorkDocs. Learn about migration steps here: How to migrate data from Amazon WorkDocs.

Deleting a site

You use the Amazon WorkDocs console to delete a site.


You lose all files when you delete a site. Delete a site only if you are sure that this information is no longer needed.

To delete a site
  1. Open the Amazon WorkDocs console at

  2. In the navigation bar, choose My sites.

    The Manage your WorkDocs sites page appears.

  3. Choose the button next to the site that you want to delete, then choose Delete.

    The Delete site URL dialog box appears.

  4. Optionally, choose Also delete the user directory.


    If you don't provide your own directory for Amazon WorkDocs, we create one for you. When you delete the Amazon WorkDocs site, you are charged for the directory that we create unless you delete that directory or use it for another AWS application. For pricing information, see AWS Directory Service Pricing.

  5. In the Site URL box, enter the site URL, then choose Delete.

    The site is immediately deleted and is no longer available.