Step 1: Preparing for migration - Amazon WorkDocs

Step 1: Preparing for migration

To prepare for migration

  1. On your Amazon WorkDocs site, under My Documents, create a folder that you want to migrate your files and folders to.

  2. Confirm that the files to be migrated are less than 5 TB each. Each file name must be 255 characters or fewer. Amazon WorkDocs Drive displays only files with a full directory path of 260 characters or fewer.


Attempting to migrate files or folders with names containing the following characters can cause errors and stop the migration process. If this occurs, choose Download report to download a log listing the errors, the files that failed to migrate, and any successfully migrated files.

  • Trailing spaces–For example: an extra space at the end of a file name.

  • Periods at the beginning or end–For example: .file, .file.ppt, ., .., or file.

  • Tildes at the beginning or end–For example: file.doc~, ~file.doc, or ~$file.doc

  • File names ending in .tmp–For example: file.tmp

  • File names exactly matching these case-sensitive termsMicrosoft User Data, Outlook files, Thumbs.db, or Thumbnails

  • File names containing any of these characters* (asterisk), / (forward slash), \ (back slash), : (colon), < (less than), > (greater than), ? (question mark), | (vertical bar/pipe), " (double quotes), or \202E (character code 202E).