Step 3: Scheduling a migration - Amazon WorkDocs

Step 3: Scheduling a migration

After you complete steps 1 and 2, use the Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service to schedule the migration. The Migration Service can take up to a week to process your migration request and send you an email saying that you can begin your migration. If you start the migration before you receive the email, the management console displays a message telling you to wait.

When you schedule the migration, your Amazon WorkDocs user account Storage setting automatically changes to Unlimited.


Migrating files that exceed your Amazon WorkDocs storage limit can result in additional costs. For more information, see Amazon WorkDocs Pricing.

The Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service provides an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy for you to use for the migration. With this policy, you create a new IAM role that grants the Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service access to the Amazon S3 bucket and Amazon WorkDocs site that you designate. You also subscribe to Amazon SNS email notifications to receive updates when your migration request is scheduled, and when it begins and ends.

To schedule a migration

  1. From the Amazon WorkDocs console, choose Apps, Migrations.

    1. If this is your first time accessing Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service, you are prompted to subscribe to Amazon SNS email notifications. Subscribe, confirm in the email message that you receive, then choose Continue.

  2. Choose Create Migration.

  3. For Source Type, choose Amazon S3.

  4. Choose Next.

  5. For Data Source & Validation, under Sample Policy, copy the supplied IAM policy.

  6. Use the IAM policy that you copied in the previous step to create a new IAM policy and role, as follows:

    1. Open the IAM console at

    2. Choose Policies, Create policy.

    3. Choose JSON and paste in the IAM policy that you copied to your clipboard earlier.

    4. Choose Review policy. Enter a policy name and description.

    5. Choose Create policy.

    6. Choose Roles, Create role.

    7. Select Another AWS account. For Account ID, enter one of the following:

      • For the US East (N. Virginia) Region, enter 899282061130

      • For the US West (Oregon) Region, enter 814301586344

      • For the Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region, enter 900469912330

      • For the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region, enter 031131923584

      • For the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region, enter 178752524102

      • For the Europe (Ireland) Region, enter 191921258524

    8. Select the new policy that you created and choose Next: Review. If you don't see the new policy, choose the refresh icon.

    9. Enter a role name and description. Choose Create role.

    10. On the Roles page, under Role name, choose the role name that you created.

    11. On the Summary page, change the Maximum CLI/API session duration to 12 hours.

    12. Copy the Role ARN to your clipboard to use in the next step.

  7. Return to the Amazon WorkDocs Migration Service. For Data Source & Validation, under Role ARN, paste the role ARN from the IAM role that you copied in the previous step.

  8. For Bucket, select the Amazon S3 bucket to migrate the files from.

  9. Choose Next.

  10. For Select a destination WorkDocs Folder, select the destination folder in Amazon WorkDocs to migrate the files to.

  11. Choose Next.

  12. Under Review, for Title, enter a name for the migration.

  13. Select the date and time for the migration.

  14. Choose Send.