Sharing - Amazon WorkDocs


There are multiple ways for users to share content in Amazon WorkDocs.

Users can choose Share a link to quickly copy and share hyperlinks for Amazon WorkDocs content with coworkers and external users both inside and outside their organization. When users share a link, they can configure it to allow one of the following access options:

  • All members of the Amazon WorkDocs site can search for, view, and comment on the file.

  • Anyone with the link, even people who are not members of the Amazon WorkDocs site, can view the file. This link option restricts permissions to viewing only.

Recipients with viewing permissions can only view a file. Commenting permissions enable users to comment and perform update or delete operations, such as uploading a new file or deleting an existing file.

By default, all managed users can create public links. To change this setting, update your Security settings from your admin control panel. For more information, see Managing site settings.

Share by invite

Users can choose Share by invite to share files or folders with other users by inviting them using their email address. Users can also set the appropriate permission level for each invited user. Invited users automatically receive an invite email notifying them that content has been shared with them. Clicking on the link in the email opens the shared file. Users can share files and folders with other site members or with external users.

Users can also create team folders to share by invite with directory groups that you create.

External sharing

External sharing allows managed users of an Amazon WorkDocs site to share files and folders and collaborate with external users in a convenient way without incurring extra costs. Users of a site can share files and folders with external users without requiring recipients to be paid users of the Amazon WorkDocs site. If external sharing is enabled, users can type the email address of the external user they want to share with and set appropriate viewer sharing permissions. When external users are added, permissions are limited to viewer only and other permissions are not available. External users receive an email notification with a link to the shared file or folder. Choosing the link takes external users to the site, where they type their credentials to log in to Amazon WorkDocs. They can see the shared file or folder in the Shared with me view.

File owners can modify sharing permissions or remove access for the external user from a file or folder at any time. External sharing for the site must be enabled by the site administrator in order for managed users to share content with external users. For Guest users to become contributors or co-owners, they must be upgraded to the User level by a site administrator. For more information, see User roles overview.

By default, external sharing is turned on and all users can invite external users. To change this setting, update your Security settings from your admin control panel. For more information, see Managing site settings.