Site-wide activity feed - Amazon WorkDocs

Site-wide activity feed

Admins can view and export the activity feed for an entire site. To use this feature, you must first install Amazon WorkDocs Companion. To install Amazon WorkDocs Companion, see Apps & Integrations for Amazon WorkDocs.

To view and export a site-wide activity feed

  1. In the web application, choose Activity.

  2. Choose Filter, then move the Site-wide activity slider to turn the filter on.

  3. Select Activity Type filters and choose Date Modified settings as needed, then choose Apply.

  4. When the filtered activity feed results appear, search by file, folder, or user name to narrow your results. You can also add or remove filters as needed.

  5. Choose Export to export the activity feed to .csv and .json files on your desktop. The system exports the files to one of the following locations:

    • WindowsWorkDocsDownloads folder in your PC's Downloads folder

    • macOS/users/username/WorkDocsDownloads/folder

    The exported file reflects any filters that you apply.


    Users who are not administrators can view and export the activity feed for their own content only. For more information, see Viewing the Activity Feed in the Amazon WorkDocs User Guide.