Troubleshooting Amazon WorkDocs Issues - Amazon WorkDocs

Troubleshooting Amazon WorkDocs Issues

The following information can help you troubleshoot issues with Amazon WorkDocs.

Can't set up my Amazon WorkDocs site in a specific AWS Region

If you're setting up a new Amazon WorkDocs site, select the AWS Region during setup. For more information, see the tutorial for your particular use case under Getting started with Amazon WorkDocs.

Want to set up my Amazon WorkDocs site in an existing Amazon VPC

When setting up your new Amazon WorkDocs site, create a directory using the existing virtual private cloud (VPC). Amazon WorkDocs uses this directory to authenticate users.

User needs to reset their password

Users can reset their passwords by choosing Forgot password? on their sign-in screens.

User accidentally shared a sensitive document

To revoke access to the document, choose Share by invite next to the document, then remove the users who should no longer have access. If the document was shared using a link, choose Share a link and disable the link.

User left the organization and didn't transfer document ownership

Transfer document ownership to another user in the admin control panel. For more information, see Transferring document ownership.

Need to deploy Amazon WorkDocs Drive or Amazon WorkDocs Companion to multiple users

Deploy to multiple users in an enterprise by using group policy. For more information, see Identity and access management for Amazon WorkDocs. For specific information about deploying Amazon WorkDocs Drive to multiple users, see Deploying Amazon WorkDocs Drive to multiple computers.

Online editing isn't working

Verify that you have Amazon WorkDocs Companion installed. To install Amazon WorkDocs Companion, see Apps & Integrations for Amazon WorkDocs.