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Grant Permission to Amazon WorkDocs API for Third Party Developer AWS Account

If you want to grant access to third party developers or users from your own organization but from a different AWS account, then you will have to create an IAM role and attach Amazon WorkDocs API allow policies.

This form of access is required in the following scenarios:

  • Developer belongs to the same organization but the developer’s AWS account is different from the Amazon WorkDocs AWS account.

  • When an enterprise would like to grant Amazon WorkDocs API access to third party application developers.

In both of these scenarios, there are two AWS accounts involved, a developer’s AWS account and a different account hosting a Amazon WorkDocs site.

The developer will need to provide the following information so the account administrator can create the IAM role:

The following procedure describes steps involved in configuring IAM for cross-account access.

Configuring IAM for Cross-Account Access

  1. Create a Amazon WorkDocs API permission policy, call it WorkDocsAPIReadOnly policy.

  2. Create a new role in the IAM console of the AWS account hosting the Amazon WorkDocs site:

    1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at

    2. In the navigation pane of the console, click Roles and then click Create New Role.

    3. For Role name, type a role name to help identify the purpose of this role, for example workdocs_app_role. Role names must be unique within your AWS account. After you enter the name, click Next Step.

    4. On the Select Role Type page, select the Role for Cross-Account Access section, and then select the type of role that you want to create:

      • Select Provide access between AWS accounts you own if you are the administrator of both the user account and the resource account, or both accounts belong to the same company. This is also the option to select when the users, role, and resource to be accessed are all in the same account.

      • Select Provide access between your AWS account and a third party AWS account if you are the administrator of the account that owns the Amazon WorkDocs site and you want to grant permissions to users from an Application developer account. This option requires you to specify an external ID (which the third party must provide to you) to provide additional control over the circumstances in which the third party can use the role to access your resources. For more information, see How to Use an External ID When Granting Access to Your AWS Resources to a Third Party.

    5. On the next page, specify the AWS account ID to which you want to grant access to your resources and also enter External ID in case of third party access.

    6. Click Next Step to attach a policy.

  3. On the Attach Policy page, search for the Amazon WorkDocs API permission policy that was created earlier and select the box next to the policy and click Next Step.

  4. Review the details, copy the role ARN for future reference and click Create Role to complete the creation of the role.

  5. Share the role ARN with the developer. The following is an example of the role ARN: