Uploading and downloading files - Amazon WorkDocs

Uploading and downloading files

To upload files or a folder to your documents, perform the following steps. Windows users can use Amazon WorkDocs Companion with File Explorer to upload multiple files and folders. For more information, see Using Amazon WorkDocs Companion.

To upload files or a folder

  1. In the web client, choose Upload, Upload files or Upload folder.

  2. Select the files or folder to upload.

You can also add files by dragging and dropping files from your computer into the web client. File drag-and-drop is not supported in all web browsers.

To upload a new version of a file

  1. In the web client, open the file.

  2. For Actions, choose Upload new version and select the new version of the file to upload.

You can download files or folders from the web client.

To download files or folders

  • In the web client, use one of the following ways:

    • Select the files or folders to download. For Actions, choose Download.

    • Open the file. For Actions, choose Download.

    • Open the folder. For the folder name, choose Download.


    On a Macintosh, downloaded files land in the Hard Drive Name/Users/User Name/WorkDocsDownloads folder.