Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

Amazon WorkDocs Clients

Amazon WorkDocs provides client applications that are used for document collaboration, as well as a synchronization client. Users can view and provide feedback about shared files.


The People tab displays the owner of a file and the people that the file is shared with. People are identified by role: owner, viewer, or contributor.

From the web client, you can share a file, share a folder, or send a message.


The Feedback displays the feedback that was saved for a file. The overall feedback appears at the top, and the context-specific feedback appears in order from the beginning to the end of the file. You can scroll through the feedback and select a specific piece of feedback to review. When you select a piece of feedback, the portion of the file that the feedback belongs to is scrolled into view. Similarly, if you scroll through the file and select a highlighted portion of the file, the feedback for that portion is scrolled into view and selected.

The procedure for giving feedback on a file varies slightly depending on which collaboration client you are using. For more information about giving feedback with a specific client, see the documentation for the client.


The Activity tab displays the history of activity for a file, such as uploads, when feedback was requested, and when feedback was saved. You can view the version of a file that was uploaded.