Using Amazon WorkDocs Companion - Amazon WorkDocs

Notice: New customer sign-ups and account upgrades are no longer available for Amazon WorkDocs. Learn about migration steps here: How to migrate data from Amazon WorkDocs.

Using Amazon WorkDocs Companion


Amazon WorkDocs Companion is reaching end of life and will no longer be available starting on April 25, 2025, the end of Life (EOL) date for Amazon WorkDocs.

Amazon WorkDocs Companion lets you open and edit a file from the web client in one step. When you edit a file, Companion saves your changes to Amazon WorkDocs as a new file version.


You never use Amazon WorkDocs Companion directly. All you need to do is work with your files.

For Windows users, Amazon WorkDocs Companion integrates with File Explorer to let you:

  • Upload multiple files and folders from File Explorer to the Companion Uploads folder under MyDocs on the Amazon WorkDocs site.

  • Share a link to the uploaded files, or share a link with a 4-digit passcode.