Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

Creating Approval Requests

Use the Amazon WorkDocs Approvals app to ask other users in your Amazon WorkDocs organization to approve your files and folders.

To create an approval request

  1. From the Amazon WorkDocs site, choose Apps.

  2. For Approvals, choose Launch.

  3. Choose Create Approval.

  4. Choose Add Files, and select the files or folders to add to the approval request.

  5. Choose Done, Next.

  6. For Group 1, enter names to add to the first group of approvers. You can enter only the names of users in your Amazon WorkDocs organization.

  7. Select one of the following:

    • Anyone can approve – Any individual approver in this group can approve on behalf of the group.

    • Everyone must approve – Every approver in this group must approve.

  8. (Optional) For Due date, select the date by which approvals are due.

  9. (Optional) Choose Add Group and repeat the previous two steps to add additional groups of approvers. The approval request is sent to each group of approvers in the order in which the groups are created.

  10. Choose Next.

  11. For Title, enter a title.

  12. (Optional) For Description, enter a description.

  13. Choose Next.

  14. Review the approval request and do one of the following:

    • Choose Back to go back and make changes.

    • Choose Send to send the approval request to the approvers.