Supported file types - Amazon WorkDocs

Supported file types

You can upload any type of file to Amazon WorkDocs, but you can only view and provide feedback on these file types:

  • Microsoft Office Word

  • Microsoft Office Excel

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint

  • Text file with .txt extension

  • .pdf

  • Office Open XML files

  • .rtf, .xml, .xhtml+xml, and .xslt-xml

  • OpenDocument Text files with extension .vnd.oasis.opendocument.text

  • .javascript, .x-javascript, .x-sh, .x-python, .vnd.lotus-screencam, and .smil

  • Text files with extension .html, .plain, .csv, .x-c, .x-c++, .x-makefile, .x-java-source, .x-java, .javascript, .x-perl-script, .x-python-script, .x-ruby-script, .php, .rtf, and .xml

  • CAD files with extension .dwg, .vnd.dwg, and .autocad_dwg

  • Image files with extension .jpeg, .png, .tiff, and .bmp

You can also play audio and video files in the Amazon WorkDocs web application and Amazon WorkDocs iOS applications. Supported file types include .mp4, .3gp, .mov, .m4a, and .m4v. For more information about iOS applications, see Getting started with iOS.