Getting started with iOS - Amazon WorkDocs

Getting started with iOS

The Amazon WorkDocs applications for iPhone and iPad allow you to view, comment on, and download documents from your Amazon WorkDocs files. You can also view, give feedback on, and download other organization documents for which you have been given permissions.

The iPhone and iPad applications allow you to view and edit files in other iOS apps, and you can save files from other iOS apps to Amazon WorkDocs.

Download the iPhone and iPad applications from the Apple App Store, and sign in with your organization name, user name, and password. The organization name and user name are provided in the welcome email that you received from your Amazon WorkDocs administrator. Your password was established when you completed the initial user registration. For more information, see Step 2: Register.

To reset your password, choose Forgot password on the sign-in screen. If you need more help with signing in, contact your Amazon WorkDocs administrator.

System requirements

The Amazon WorkDocs iPhone client application requires the following:

  • An iPhone with iOS 11 or later

The Amazon WorkDocs iPad application requires the following:

  • iPad or iPad 2 with iOS 11 or later

Opening a file in another iOS app to view or edit

You can open an Amazon WorkDocs file in any other iOS app that supports file sharing. After opening the file, you can view or edit it in the other app, then save it back to Amazon WorkDocs.

To open a file in another iOS app

  1. Open the Amazon WorkDocs file that you want to open in another app.

  2. Choose Menu, Share, and then select the app to which to open the file.

  3. If you want to save the file back to Amazon WorkDocs when you’re done, see Saving a file from another iOS app to Amazon WorkDocs.

Using the Files app in iOS

Use the Files app in iOS version 11 or later to view, edit, lock, unlock, add, copy, move, and delete Amazon WorkDocs content that you have permissions for.

To use Amazon WorkDocs with the iOS Files app

  1. Install the Amazon WorkDocs iOS app on your iOS device and sign in.

  2. In the Files app, choose Locations, Edit. Slide to turn on Amazon WorkDocs.

  3. Choose Done, then choose Workdocs to browse your files in the Files app.

To open and manage content directly in the Amazon WorkDocs app, choose Open in WorkDocs from the Files app menu. You can now access feedback and share functionality.

Saving a file from another iOS app to Amazon WorkDocs

You can save a file from any other iOS app that supports file sharing to Amazon WorkDocs. This makes the file available on other Amazon WorkDocs mobile apps and the web client.

You can also use the Files app in iOS version 11 or later to save your file to Amazon WorkDocs. For more information, see the previous topic.

To save a file from another iOS app to Amazon WorkDocs

  1. Choose the file, photo, or attachment from any iOS app that supports file sharing.

  2. Choose the export function in the app (this appears under different names depending on the app), and choose WorkDocs iOS app.


    If WorkDocs iOS app doesn’t appear in the list of apps, choose Browse more and slide the button to choose WorkDocs iOS app.

  3. Select a target Amazon WorkDocs folder and choose Save.