Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

Transferring Document Ownership

There are two ways to transfer document ownership to other users:

  • If you are a system administrator, you can transfer an inactive user's files and folders to an active user. For more information, see Transferring Document Ownership in the Amazon WorkDocs Administration Guide.

  • If you are an active user with owner permissions for a document, you can grant other users co-owner permissions. Co-owners have the same permissions as owners except for the ability to delete top-level folders. For more information about permissions, see Permissions.

To assign co-owner permissions

  1. In the web client, select or open the folder or file to share with a co-owner.

  2. Choose Share, Invite people.

  3. Type the name of the user or group in the search box, and then choose Co-Owner.

  4. Choose Save.