Transferring document ownership - Amazon WorkDocs

Transferring document ownership

You can request a transfer of ownership for any combination of files and folders that you own. Transfers remove ownership from you and grant it to a user that you specify, but remember, that user must accept ownership.

As you go, remember that transferring a folder automatically transfers ownership of all the files in that folder.


If you are a system administrator, you can transfer an inactive user's files and folders to an active user. For more information, see Transferring document ownership in the Amazon WorkDocs Administration Guide.

To transfer ownership of files and folders

  1. On your My Docs page, select the check box next to the items that you want to transfer.


    Don't select the file or folder names. Doing so opens the file or folder in Preview mode, and you can't transfer anything in that mode. Just select the check boxes.

  2. Open the Actions list and choose Transfer.

    The Transfer Resource Ownership dialog box appears.

  3. In the search box, enter the name of the new owner. If the search returns multiple names, choose the correct recipient.

  4. Choose Transfer.

The new owner receives a task under My Tasks in Amazon WorkDocs. After the new owner accepts the files, they appear on that owner's My Docs page.