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Updating Approval Requests

After you create an approval request, you can update it as long as it is in Pending status. The items you can update depend on whether you have received any responses from approvers.

  • If there is no response from an approver yet – You can update the files, groups, approvers, due date, and description.

  • If an approver has responded, but the approval request is still pending further approvals – You can add a new approver to a group that is still pending response, remove an approver who has not yet responded, and change the due date.

To update an approval request

  1. From the Amazon WorkDocs site, choose Apps.

  2. For Approvals, choose Launch.

  3. (Optional) Choose Filters to apply filters which show only the approval requests that match the filters you apply.

  4. Choose the approval request to update.

  5. Choose Edit approval.

  6. Make your updates, and choose Send.

The updated approval request is sent to the approvers.