Amazon WorkDocs
User Guide

Share a Link

You can copy hyperlinks to content stored in Amazon WorkDocs. Share the links with coworkers and external partners, both inside and outside your organization. You can configure the links to allow access to only site members or to anyone on the internet. Site members can view, comment, update, and delete. Public links are restricted to viewing only. For additional security, you can set an expiration date and a 4-digit passcode for access to your content.

To share a link

  1. In the web client, open the folder that contains the folder or file.

  2. Choose the down arrow on the right side of the file or folder to share, and choose Share a Link.

  3. In the Share a Link dialog box, copy the URL that is displayed by selecting it.

  4. (Optional) Choose Advanced to set the following settings:

    Enable link

    Choose On or Off.

    Expiration date

    Type the date when the link expires. The link expires at midnight of the specified date.

    4-digit passcode

    Type a 4-digit numeric passcode that link recipients must enter for content access.


    Choose Anyone can view, Site members can view, or Site members can view & comment.

  5. Choose Done.