Using Amazon WorkDocs Drive - Amazon WorkDocs

Notice: New customer sign-ups and account upgrades are no longer available for Amazon WorkDocs. Learn about migration steps here: How to migrate data from Amazon WorkDocs.

Using Amazon WorkDocs Drive

Amazon WorkDocs Drive enables you to open and work with Amazon WorkDocs files on your computer's desktop. By default, Amazon WorkDocs Drive appears on your computer as drive W:, and you use Amazon WorkDocs Drive like you would any other disc drive.


You must belong to a network domain in order to use Amazon WorkDocs Drive. Also, your system administrator may assign a different drive letter. If you're unsure about your network domain or drive letter, contact your administrator.

Amazon WorkDocs Drive is available for PC and macOS users, and for WorkSpaces on Windows. Amazon WorkDocs Drive can upload and download files of up to 5 TB each, and allows file path lengths of up to 260 characters.


Amazon WorkDocs Drive only creates links to your files. It doesn't write copies to your hard drive. For example, say you open a word processor file from Amazon WorkDocs Drive. Editing that file changes the current version of the file in Amazon WorkDocs.


If you delete a link in Amazon WorkDocs Drive you also delete the source file in Amazon WorkDocs Also, the links created by Amazon WorkDocs Drive use a small amount of storage, and deleting them doesn't save any significant storage space.