Associate your domains - Amazon WorkLink

Associate your domains

Associate your company’s domains to allow users to securely access them from their devices.


If you have an endpoint for the same Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) deployed with Amazon CloudFront, then you can't associate that domain with Amazon WorkLink.

To associate a domain

  1. Open the Amazon WorkLink console at

  2. On the Fleets page, select the fleet, and choose View details.

  3. Choose Domains, Associate domain, and then Associate domain again.

  4. Under Domain name, type the web address of the site that you want to secure with a TLS certificate.

  5. Under Display name, enter a user-friendly name that is unique to your AWS account and can be easily searched, and choose Next.

  6. Under Certificate, choose the certificate that you created in Prepare TLS certificates for company domains in AWS Certificate Manager.


    If you need to add a certificate with multiple Subject Alternate Names (SAN), use the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) to identify the correct certificate for your domain.

  7. Choose Submit.