Configure your audit log stream (optional) - Amazon WorkLink

Configure your audit log stream (optional)

Amazon WorkLink creates activity logs that allow you to track the following information:

  • The total number of users accessing content through Amazon WorkLink

  • The content accessed

  • When users accessed content

  • What devices users accessed content from

These logs are delivered to a Kinesis data stream in your account, and you can direct that information to a data store or tool of your choice. For example, you can stream these logs to Amazon S3 and use a tool like Splunk to analyze the information. Or, you can direct this data to Amazon Redshift through an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and use Amazon QuickSight to generate reports and dashboards.

For more information, see Amazon Kinesis.

To configure your audit log delivery

  1. Open the Amazon WorkLink console at

  2. On the Fleets page, select the fleet, and choose View details.

  3. Choose Audit logs - optional, Configure audit logs.

  4. If you haven't created a Kinesis data stream with the "AmazonWorkLink-" name prefix to receive audit logs, choose Create Kinesis Stream to do so. After you create a Kinesis data stream with the necessary prefix, go back and select that stream.

  5. Choose Link audit logs.