Create a fleet - Amazon WorkLink

Create a fleet

To create a fleet, you must select a home AWS Region. All audit logs for your fleet are stored in the home AWS Region. If your domains are hosted on-premises, you must create a VPC that provides connectivity with on-premises origin hosts in this Region.

After you determine your home Region, switch to that Region in the AWS Management Console.

To create a fleet

  1. Open the Amazon WorkLink console at

  2. On the Fleets page, choose Create fleet.

  3. On the Create fleet page, under Fleet name, type the name identifier for the fleet. This is used to create an Amazon Resource Name (ARN).


    You can use up to 48 characters, including letters, numbers, and “-“. Don't use spaces.

  4. (Optional) Under Display name, type a friendly name unique to your AWS account. This name is used for internal searching purposes.

  5. Under Region optimization, choose the option that you want.


    We recommend that you optimizine for better performance by routing traffic through the closest Region to users.

  6. Under Tags, choose Add to assign an optional label to an AWS resource. You can use tags to search and filter your resources, or track your AWS costs. Enter a Key and Value for each tag.

  7. Choose Create fleet.