Deploy a device certificate on an Android device - Amazon WorkLink

Deploy a device certificate on an Android device

Use one of the following options to deploy a device certificate on an Android device.


At this time, you can't remove certificates that are manually deployed with a USB cable.

Option 1: Manually deploy the certificate with a USB cable

  1. Copy the certificates to the Android device's internal storage.

  2. Choose Settings, Security, Install from Storage, then choose the certificate.

  3. If prompted, enter your PIN or unlock pattern.

  4. Enter the Certificate Name, then choose VPN and apps.

  5. To install the certificate, choose OK.

  6. To see the certificate, choose Settings, Security, Trusted Credentials, then choose the User tab.

Option 2: Create and deploy a profile with VMware AirWatch

  1. Go to your VMware AirWatch mobile device management portal.

  2. Choose Devices, Profiles, Resources, Profiles, Add, and Android.

  3. Under General, configure the profile’s general settings. These settings determine how the profile is deployed and who receives it. For more information about these settings, see the VMware AirWatch iOS Platform Guide.

  4. Choose Credentials and the Credential Source that you want to use. Fill out the rest of the fields according to the credential source that you selected.

  5. Choose VPN and enter the following Connection info settings:

    • Connection Name – Amazon WorkLink

    • Connection Type – L2TP/IPSec RSA

    • Server –

    • Identity Certificate – The device certificate that you configured

Option 3: Create and deploy a profile with Microsoft Intune