Invite users - Amazon WorkLink

Invite users

After completing all the previous steps, you can copy an email invitation template to send to your users. This email invites them to use Amazon WorkLink and provides them with the company code required during login in the Amazon WorkLink app.

Before your proceed, make sure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You granted users permissions to the Amazon WorkLink service provider in the Configure your identity provider (IdP) step.

  • Your users have one of the following supported web browsers:

    • Safari on iOS

    • Google Chrome on Android

  • Your users have a phone with one of the following supported operating systems:

    • iOS 11 or later

    • Android 6 or later

To invite users to use Amazon WorkLink

  1. Open the Amazon WorkLink console at

  2. On the Fleets page, select the fleet, and choose View details.

  3. Choose User invites, and View details.

  4. You can either copy and paste the template, or download it.

  5. Review the email and make any necessary edits, then send it to your users.