Services that work with Amazon WorkLink - Amazon WorkLink

Services that work with Amazon WorkLink

Amazon WorkLink is a part of End User Computing in AWS, which consists of Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and Amazon WorkLink. A typical enterprise has use cases for each service. For example, software developers in an organization can use Amazon WorkSpaces to access all desktop resources from any computer or tablet. Engineers can use AppStream 2.0 to stream GPU intensive apps. And sales leaders can use Amazon WorkLink to access internal web-based content, such as sales data, from their mobile devices.

Amazon WorkLink works with the following AWS offerings:

  • AWS Direct Connect (DX) – For content hosted on-premises, customers can use DX or a site-to-site virtual private network to obtain secure on-premises connectivity to their VPC. Amazon WorkLink relies on that VPC to fetch content from on-premises origin services and render that content in AWS.

  • AWS Transit Gateway – Provision a dedicated VPC to route Amazon WorkLink traffic and connect it to your company network with the AWS Transit Gateway.

  • Amazon Kinesis – Use an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream to send your user activity logs to your preferred data storage and analytics solution.

  • AWS CloudTrail – Amazon WorkLink records all console, SDK, CLI, and API operations in AWS CloudTrail. This lets you audit the actions taken to manage your Amazon WorkLink fleets.