Terms to know when using Amazon WorkLink - Amazon WorkLink

Terms to know when using Amazon WorkLink

To help you get started with Amazon WorkLink, you should get familiar with the following concepts.


A fleet consists of resources and the configuration necessary to make your internal websites available to your authorized users who download and set up the Amazon WorkLink app.

Identity Provider (IdP)

An identity provider verifies your users’ credentials. It then issues authentication assertions to provide access to a service provider. You can configure your existing IdP to work with Amazon WorkLink.

Service Provider (SP)

A service provider accepts authentication assertions and provides a service to the user. Amazon WorkLink acts as a service provider to users who have been authenticated by their IdP.

SAML 2.0

A standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an IdP and a service provider.


A list of company websites that your users can access from their mobile devices with Amazon WorkLink.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

You can use an existing or new VPC, corresponding subnets, and security groups to link your content with Amazon WorkLink. For more information, see Managing your company network.

Company code

The identifier users input to sign into the Amazon WorkLink app. Amazon WorkLink uses the company code to fetch the company-specific configuration details.

Device policy

A set of requirements an employee device must meet before that employee can access internal content with Amazon WorkLink.