Troubleshooting - Amazon WorkLink


If you experience any of the following issues with Amazon WorkLink, try these solutions.

Issue Solution
I can't download the Amazon WorkLink app. Confirm that your device is connected to the internet. If you're using a test device, make sure that your device has been registered. The App Store and Play Store don't allow unregistered devices to download apps.
I can't find my company code. From the Amazon WorkLink console, choose Fleets, and find the Company code column.
The company code I entered is invalid. Company codes are alphanumeric. Make sure that you entered it correctly. Or, you can download and email yourself the invite template. From the Amazon WorkLink console, choose User invites, View details, and Download email template. Then choose the link in step 2 to automatically format the company code in your Amazon WorkLink app.
After I enter my company code in the app, I don't see a login page. Instead, I see the following message: "WorkLink is unable to connect to your company's Identity Provider." Amazon WorkLink can't log in with your company's SAML 2.0 provider. Check your Identity Provider availability, and confirm you have correctly completed the steps in Configure your identity provider (IdP).
After logging into my Identity Provider, I see an error message. Make sure that you've completed the steps in Configure your identity provider (IdP). If a user is able to log in with their SAML credentials, but unable to use the app, the user might not have access to the app in the Identity Provider portal.
After the Identity Provider sign-in in the Amazon WorkLink app, Amazon WorkLink shows as being not ready. Search for AWS support in the AWS Management Console, and choose Create case to contact us for help.