Validate associated domains - Amazon WorkLink

Validate associated domains

After you Configure your identity provider (IdP), Validate IdP federation, and Associate your domains, you can use the Amazon WorkLink app on your iPhone 12+ or Android 6+ to validate that your domains have been successfully associated.

To validate your associated domains

  1. Log into the Amazon WorkLink app on your phone:

    1. Download the Amazon WorkLink app on your phone.

    2. Enter the company code for your Amazon WorkLink fleet.


      This is listed in the Amazon WorkLink console on the Fleet page or User Invite template.

    3. Sign in with your SAML 2.0 credentials.

    4. Grant the Amazon WorkLink app VPN permissions.

    5. Confirm that the VPN is connected.


      Most devices display this as a lock icon on the top of the screen, but for some iOS devices (iPhone X+), you might need to confirm that the VPN is connected. Choose Settings, General, and VPN.

  2. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or Chrome browser on your Android phone.

  3. Type the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) into the URL bar of the browser (for example,

  4. Observe one of the following results:

    • If you see an error page that says net:ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, then your domain has been successfully associated with Amazon WorkLink. You can skip to the next step to Configure your company network.

    • If the content of the webpage is displayed, your domain is successfully associated. Also, you have configured your company network to route Amazon WorkLink requests to this domain.

    • If the webpage doesn't display or shows a different error message, search for AWS Support in the AWS Management Console. Choose Create case to contact us for help.