What Is Amazon WorkLink? - Amazon WorkLink

What Is Amazon WorkLink?

Amazon WorkLink is a cloud-based service that provides secure access to internal websites and web apps from iOS and Android phones. In a single step, your users or employees can access internal websites as efficiently as they access any other public website. They enter a URL in their web browser, or choose a link to an internal website in an email. Amazon WorkLink authenticates the user's access and securely renders authorized internal web content in a secure rendering service in the AWS cloud. Amazon WorkLink doesn't download or store any internal web content on mobile devices.

Because website data is never stored or cached locally on mobile browsers, Amazon WorkLink reduces the risk of information loss or theft. In addition, all cached content is deleted from AWS when users end their browsing session. As an administrator, you can enforce your company’s security and access policies.

Amazon WorkLink works with SAML-based identity providers, and can be used with device management solutions. Amazon WorkLink is also a fully managed service, which means that it automatically handles the following for you:

  • Deployment

  • Capacity provisioning

  • Automatic scaling

  • Updates to browsers and resources in the cloud

To use Amazon WorkLink, your users download the Amazon WorkLink app to their mobile device and log in with their company credentials. They can use Amazon WorkLink with Safari on iOS phones and Google Chrome on Android phones to access internal websites.

For more information, see https://aws.amazon.com/worklink/.