Amazon WorkMail
Administrator Guide (Version 1.0)

Create New Users

When you create new users, Amazon WorkMail creates mailboxes for them. Users can log in and access their mail from the Amazon WorkMail web application, mobile device, or Microsoft Outlook on macOS or PC.

To create a new user

  1. Open the Amazon WorkMail console at

  2. If necessary, change the region. From the navigation bar, select the region that meets your needs. For more information, see Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

  3. On the Organizations screen, in the list of organizations, select your organization's alias.

  4. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Users to see a list of all users in the directory, including enabled, disabled, and system users.

  5. To create a new user, choose Create User.

  6. On the Add the details for your new user screen, enter the user's first and last name, username, and display name and then choose Next.

  7. On the Set up email address and password screen, enter the user's email address and password, and choose Add user.