Amazon WorkMail
User Guide (Version 1.0)

Copy or Move an Email Message

You can copy or move a message from one folder to another.

To copy or move a message

  1. In the Amazon WorkMail web application, choose the mail icon on the shortcut bar.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To copy an item, select the message in the contents pane and choose Copy/Move.

    • To copy more than one message, press the Ctrl key while you select each message in the contents pane, and then choose Copy/Move.

    • To move a single message, drag the item to its new location.


      The folder names directly under the dragged message are highlighted and show the target location when you release the message.

    • To move multiple consecutive messages, press the Shift key while you select all the messages to move, and then drag them to the desired folder.

    • To move messages that are not consecutive, press the Ctrl key while you select each message to move, release the Ctrl key, and then drag them into the designated folder.

  3. In the Copy/move messages dialog box, select the destination folder and choose either Copy or Move.