Supported peripherals - Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Supported peripherals

You can use WorkSpaces Thin Client with different peripherals. Refer to the following to see if a specific peripheral is compatible with your WorkSpaces Thin Client.


The layouts for all keyboards supported by WorkSpaces Thin Client are listed in Keyboard Layouts.

  • Amazon Basics Low-Profile Wired USB Keyboard with US Layout

  • Hyundai HY-MA75 wired USB interface mouse and keyboard set, US Layout

  • Dell Keyboard-KB212, US Layout

  • Dell Keyboard-KB216, US Layout

  • Logitech MK120 Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo, US Layout

  • Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard, US Layout

  • Logitech K120 Keyboard, French Layout

  • Logitech K120 Keyboard, Spanish Layout

  • Logitech K120 Keyboard, UK Layout

  • Logitech K280e Pro Wired Business Keyboard, QWERTZ German Layout

  • Logitech K580 Wireless Keyboard, US Layout

  • Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, US Layout

  • Logitech MK330 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, QWERTY Italian Layout

  • Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, US Layout

  • Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, QWERTZ German Layout

  • Logitech Signature K650 Wireless Keyboard, US Layout

  • HP Black KU-1156, US Layout

  • HP CS10 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo, US Layout

  • Logitech B120 Wired Mouse

  • Logitech B100 Wired Mouse

  • Logitech M90 Wired Mouse

  • HP 200 Wireless Optical Mouse

  • Acer LCD Monitor KA2 series/KA272

  • Lenovo ThinkVision 27 inch Monitor - P27h-20

  • Logitech C270 HD Webcam

  • AUSDOM Autofocus 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover

  • eMeet C950 1080P Webcam

  • Cisco Desk Camera CD-DSKCAM-C-US

  • Jabra Evolve 20 UC Wired Headset

  • Jabra Evolve 30 Wired Headset

  • Logitech H390 Wired Headset

  • Sennheiser EPOS Impact 60 Wired Headset

  • Cisco Headset 322 HS-W-322-C-USB

  • Cisco Headset 532 CP-HS-W-532-USBA

  • Cisco Wireless Headset 562 with Standard Base CP-HS-WL-562-M-US


For all headsets, only the volume buttons are supported. Any additional media buttons are not supported.

USB hub
  • Zhenyou EVT hub (USB-A) - ZYHB03

    Supports keyboard, mouse, webcam, headset, and dual screen extension.

  • Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

    Supports keyboard, mouse, and either a webcam or headset.

  • Sabrent 4-Port USB Hub

    Supports keyboard and mouse only.