Set up Okta as your IdP - Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Set up Okta as your IdP

The following steps describe how to set up Okta to use with WorkSpaces Web. This setup does not use any advanced features, such as Dynamic IdP Metadata URL, or submitting an application template to be added to the Okta Integration Network. You must have Okta set up in order to proceed.

To set up Okta as your IdP
  1. To create application integration between Okta and Workspaces Web, follow these steps:

    1. From the Okta console, choose Applications, Applications, and Create App Integration.

    2. Choose SAML 2.0, Next, enter an App Name, and then choose Next.

    3. In another tab, from the WorkSpaces Web console, follow steps 1-3 of Step 1: Create a web portal to Show individual metadata values of the service provider metadata file. Keep this tab open.

    4. Enter the following values for Okta’s SAML Settings:

      • For Single sign on URL, enter the ACS URL from the previous step.

      • For Audience URI (SP Entity ID), enter the SP Entity ID from the previous step.

      • Change Name ID Format to EmailAddress.

      • Leave Application username as specified.

    5. Choose Next, specify if you are a customer or a partner when prompted, and choose Finish.

  2. Retrieve the IdP metadata from Okta, and configure your portal.

    1. Option 1: Enter the metadata URL.

      1. In the Okta console for your new application, on the Sign On tab, copy the Okta Metadata URL.

      2. In the other tab, in the WorkSpaces Web console IdP metadata URL, paste the Okta Metadata URL.

    2. Option 2: Upload the SAML metadata file.

      1. Choose the Sign On tab of the SAML application, scroll down until you see the View SAML setup instructions button, and select the button.

      2. In the new tab that opens, all the required values are displayed, and the metadata can be copied. From the Optional section, copy the metadata file content and save it as a file that ends in .xml.

      3. In the other tab, from the WorkSpaces Web console, follow the remaining steps of Step 1: Create a web portal to upload the IdP metadata file from Okta and finish creating your web portal.

  3. (Optional) Set up a test user.

    1. From the Okta dashboard, expand the sidebar and choose Directory, People, and Add Person.

    2. Fill out the fields in the form, and choose Save.

  4. Assign a test user to your application.

    1. In the Okta console for your new application, choose Assignments, Assign, and Assign to People.

    2. Assign your Test User, yourself, or both with the credentials setup during Okta registration and choose Save and Go back and Done.

  5. Follow the steps in Step 2: Test your web portal to validate setup.