WorkSpace bundles and images - Amazon WorkSpaces

WorkSpace bundles and images

A WorkSpace bundle is a combination of an operating system, and storage, compute, and software resources. When you launch a WorkSpace, you select the bundle that meets your needs. The default bundles available for WorkSpaces are called public bundles. For more information about the various public bundles available for WorkSpaces, see Amazon WorkSpaces Bundles.

If you've launched a Windows or Linux WorkSpace and have customized it, you can create a custom image from that WorkSpace.

A custom image contains only the OS, software, and settings for the WorkSpace. A custom bundle is a combination of both that custom image and the hardware from which a WorkSpace can be launched.

After you create a custom image, you can build a custom bundle that combines the custom WorkSpace image and the underlying compute and storage configuration that you select. You can then specify this custom bundle when you launch new WorkSpaces to ensure that the new WorkSpaces have the same consistent configuration (hardware and software).

If you need to perform software updates or to install additional software on your WorkSpaces, you can update your custom bundle and use it to rebuild your WorkSpaces.