Class TracingInterceptor

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    public class TracingInterceptor
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Summary

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      static<Subsegment> entityKey
      For internal use only.
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      void afterExecution​( context, executionAttributes)  
      void beforeExecution​( context, executionAttributes)  
      void beforeTransmission​( context, executionAttributes) modifyHttpRequest​( context, executionAttributes)  
      void onExecutionFailure​( context, executionAttributes)  
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        afterMarshalling, afterTransmission, afterUnmarshalling, beforeMarshalling, beforeUnmarshalling, modifyAsyncHttpContent, modifyAsyncHttpResponseContent, modifyException, modifyHttpContent, modifyHttpResponse, modifyHttpResponseContent, modifyRequest, modifyResponse
    • Field Detail

      • entityKey

        public static final<Subsegment> entityKey
        For internal use only.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TracingInterceptor

        public TracingInterceptor()
      • TracingInterceptor

        public TracingInterceptor​(AWSXRayRecorder recorder,
                                  java.lang.String accountId,
    • Method Detail

      • beforeExecution

        public void beforeExecution​( context,
        Specified by:
        beforeExecution in interface
      • modifyHttpRequest

        public modifyHttpRequest​( context,
        Specified by:
        modifyHttpRequest in interface
      • beforeTransmission

        public void beforeTransmission​( context,
        Specified by:
        beforeTransmission in interface
      • afterExecution

        public void afterExecution​( context,
        Specified by:
        afterExecution in interface
      • onExecutionFailure

        public void onExecutionFailure​( context,
        Specified by:
        onExecutionFailure in interface