Class RecyclableBuffers

  • public final class RecyclableBuffers
    extends java.lang.Object
    ThreadLocal buffers for use when creating new derived objects such as Strings. These buffers are reused within a single thread - it is _not safe_ to use the buffer to generate multiple derived objects at the same time because the same memory will be used. In general, you should get a temporary buffer, fill it with data, and finish by converting into the derived object within the same method to avoid multiple usages of the same buffer.
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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static byte[] bytes​(int length)
      A ThreadLocal byte[] of length length.
      static char[] chars​(int length)
      A ThreadLocal char[] of length length.
      static java.lang.StringBuilder stringBuilder()
      A ThreadLocal StringBuilder.
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    • Method Detail

      • stringBuilder

        public static java.lang.StringBuilder stringBuilder()
        A ThreadLocal StringBuilder. Take care when filling a large value into this buffer because the memory will remain for the lifetime of the thread.
      • chars

        public static char[] chars​(int length)
        A ThreadLocal char[] of length length. The array is not zeroed in any way - every character of a resulting String must be set explicitly. The array returned may be longer than length - always explicitly set the length when using the result, for example by calling String.valueOf(char[], int, int).
      • bytes

        public static byte[] bytes​(int length)
        A ThreadLocal byte[] of length length. The array is not zeroed in any way.