Class MetricsSegmentListener

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public class MetricsSegmentListener
extends java.lang.Object
implements SegmentListener
Listener that extracts metrics from Segments and emits them to CloudWatch using a structured log mechanism. Structured logs are sent via UDP to the CloudWatch agent. Configuration of UDP metric emissions is described in MetricsDaemonConfiguration. For a list of supported metrics see EMFMetricFormatter.
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    • afterEndSegment

      public void afterEndSegment​(Segment segment)
      Description copied from interface: SegmentListener
      afterEndSegment is invoked after a segment is ended by the recorder and emitted to the daemon. The segment must not be modified since it has already been sent to X-Ray's backend. Attempts to do so will raise an AlreadyEmittedException.
      Specified by:
      afterEndSegment in interface SegmentListener
      segment - The segment that has just ended