Developer Guide

Deep Linking

You can use routes and queries to deep link into specific traces, or filtered views of traces and the service map.

Console Pages


You can generate links for timeline, raw, and map views of individual traces.

  • Single trace - timeline: xray/home#/traces/trace-id

  • Single trace - raw JSON: xray/home#/traces/trace-id/raw

    Example: xray/home#/traces/1-57f5498f-d91047849216d0f2ea3b6442/raw

  • Single trace - map: xray/home#/traces/trace-id/map

Filter Expressions

  • Filtered traces view: xray/home#/traces?filter=filter-expression

    Example: xray/home#/traces?filter=service("") { fault = true OR responsetime > 2.5 } AND = "bar"

    Example (URL encoded): xray/home#/traces?filter=service(

Time Range

Specify a length of time or start and end time in ISO8601 format. Time ranges are in UTC and can be up to 6 hours long.

  • Length of time: xray/home#/page?timeRange=range-in-minutes

    Example Service map for the last hour

  • Start and end time: xray/home#/page?timeRange=start~end

    Example: xray/home#/traces?timeRange=2017-03-01T16:00:00~2017-03-01T22:00:00

    Example: xray/home#/traces?timeRange=2017-03-01T16:00~2017-03-01T22:00


  • Example: xray/home#/traces?timeRange=PT15M&filter=duration%20%3E%3D%205%20AND%20duration%20%3C%3D%208

  • Output:

    • View: Traces Section

    • Time Range: Last 15 Minutes

    • Filter: duration >= 5 AND duration <= 8