Developer Guide

Tracing Calls to Downstream HTTP Web Services with the X-Ray SDK for .NET

When your application makes calls to microservices or public HTTP APIs, you can use the X-Ray SDK for .NET's GetResponseTraced extension method for System.Net.HttpWebRequest to instrument those calls and add the API to the service graph as a downstream service.

Example HttpWebRequest

using System.Net; using Amazon; using Amazon.Util; using Amazon.XRay.Recorder.Core; using Amazon.XRay.Recorder.Handlers.System.Net; private void MakeHttpRequest() { HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(""); request.GetResponseTraced(); }

For asynchronous calls, use GetAsyncResponseTraced.


When you instrument a call to a downstream web API, the X-Ray SDK for .NET records a subsegment with information about the HTTP request and response. X-Ray uses the subsegment to generate an inferred segment for the API.

Example Subsegment for a Downstream HTTP Call

{ "id": "004f72be19cddc2a", "start_time": 1484786387.131, "end_time": 1484786387.501, "name": "", "namespace": "remote", "http": { "request": { "method": "GET", "url": "" }, "response": { "content_length": -1, "status": 200 } } }

Example Inferred Segment for a Downstream HTTP Call

{ "id": "168416dc2ea97781", "name": "", "trace_id": "1-5880168b-fd5153bb58284b67678aa78c", "start_time": 1484786387.131, "end_time": 1484786387.501, "parent_id": "004f72be19cddc2a", "http": { "request": { "method": "GET", "url": "" }, "response": { "content_length": -1, "status": 200 } }, "inferred": true }