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Generating Custom Subsegments with the X-Ray SDK for Node.js

Subsegments extend a trace's segment with details about work done in order to serve a request. Each time you make a call with an instrumented client, the X-Ray SDK records the information generated in a subsegment. You can create additional subsegments to group other subsegments, to measure the performance of a section of code, or to record annotations and metadata.

To create a custom subsegment for a function that makes calls to downstream services, use the captureAsyncFunc function.

Example app.js - Custom Subsegments Express

var AWSXRay = require('aws-xray-sdk'); app.use('MyApp')); app.get('/', function (req, res) { var host = ''; AWSXRay.captureAsyncFunc('send', function(subsegment) { sendRequest(host, function() { console.log('rendering!'); res.render('index'); subsegment.close(); }); }); }); app.use(; function sendRequest(host, cb) { var options = { host: host, path: '/', }; var callback = function(response) { var str = ''; response.on('data', function (chunk) { str += chunk; }); response.on('end', function () { cb(); }); } http.request(options, callback).end(); };

In this example, the application creates a custom subsegment named send for calls to the sendRequest function. captureAsyncFunc passes a subsegment that you must close within the callback function when the asynchronous calls that it makes are complete.

For synchronous functions, you can use the captureFunc function, which closes the subsegment automatically as soon as the function block finishes executing.

When you create a subsegment within a segment or another subsegment, the X-Ray SDK for Node.js generates an ID for it and records the start time and end time.

Example Subsegment with Metadata

"subsegments": [{ "id": "6f1605cd8a07cb70", "start_time": 1.480305974194E9, "end_time": 1.4803059742E9, "name": "Custom subsegment for UserModel.saveUser function", "metadata": { "debug": { "test": "Metadata string from UserModel.saveUser" } },