Developer Guide

Patching Libraries to Instrument Downstream Calls

To instrument downstream calls, use the X-Ray SDK for Ruby to patch the libraries that your application uses. The X-Ray SDK for Ruby can patch the following libraries.

Supported Libraries

  • net/http – Instrument HTTP clients.

  • aws-sdk – Instrument AWS SDK for Ruby clients.

When you use a patched library, the X-Ray SDK for Ruby creates a subsegment for the call and records information from the request and response. A segment must be available for the SDK to create the subsegment, either from the SDK middleware or a call to XRay.recorder.begin_segment.

To patch libraries, specify them in the configuration object that you pass to the X-Ray recorder.

Example main.rb – patch libraries

require 'aws-xray-sdk' config = { name: 'my app', patch: %I[net_http aws_sdk] } XRay.recorder.configure(config)