Product Advertising API
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-08-01)

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Locale Reference for the Product Advertising API

Product Advertising API operations are the same for all locales but valid search indices, browse node IDs, sort values, and ItemSearch parameters vary by locale. For more information, see Locale Considerations.

  • Search index

    Some search operations require a search index. Specifying a browse node with a search index returns targeted search results. The search index values for an ItemSearch request vary by locale. An error is returned if you use a search index value that a locale does not support.

  • Browse node ID

    These IDs represent the top-level browse nodes only, and do not cover the thousands of possible nodes per locale. For targeted results, you can specify these top-level browse node IDs in a BrowseNodeLookup request to get additional browse node IDs. For more information, see BrowseNodeLookup.

  • Sort values

    Use the Sort parameter to specify the order of the items in a response. There are many sort values, and availability varies by locale and search index. The majority are not applied unless the Sort parameter is included in the request. The Product Advertising API uses two sort values by default:

    • ItemSearch requests that do not specify the BrowseNode parameter sorts results by Relevance.

    • ItemSearch requests that do specify the BrowseNode parameter sorts results by BestSeller.

  • ItemSearch parameters

    Some ItemSearch parameters are valid only for specified search indices. Also, locales support only a subset of all search index values. For example, in the US locale, when SearchIndex is Blended, the only parameter that can be specified for an ItemSearch request is Keywords.