Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
User Guide for Linux Instances

Buying in the Reserved Instance Marketplace


Convertible Reserved Instances are not available for purchase in the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

You can purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances from AWS or you can purchase from third-party sellers who own Reserved Instances that they no longer need.

For a buyer, the Reserved Instance Marketplace provides increased selection and flexibility. You can search for Reserved Instances that most closely match your preferred combination of instance type, region, and duration.

For more information about the Reserved Instance Marketplace, see Selling in the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

There are a few differences between Reserved Instances purchased in the Reserved Instance Marketplace and Reserved Instances purchased directly from AWS:

  • Term—Reserved Instances that you purchase from third-party sellers have less than a full standard term remaining. Full standard terms from AWS run for one year or three years.

  • Upfront price—Third-party Reserved Instances can be sold at different upfront prices. The usage or recurring fees remain the same as the fees set when the Reserved Instances were originally purchased from AWS.

Basic information about you is shared with the seller, for example, your ZIP code and country information.

This information enables sellers to calculate any necessary transaction taxes that they have to remit to the government (such as sales tax or value-added tax) and is provided as a disbursement report. In rare circumstances, AWS might have to provide the seller with your email address, so that they can contact you regarding questions related to the sale (for example, tax questions).

For similar reasons, AWS shares the legal entity name of the seller on the buyer's purchase invoice. If you need additional information about the seller for tax or related reasons, contact AWS Support.