AWS SDK for JavaScript

Available for browsers and mobile devices, or Node.js backends

Developer Guide

If you are upgrading from 1.x to 2.0 of the SDK, please see the UPGRADING notes for information on how to migrate existing code to work with the new major version.

The AWS SDK for JavaScript allows developers to build libraries or applications that make use of AWS services using a simple and easy-to-use API available both in the browser or inside of Node.js applications on the server.

This guide will walk developers through many of the high level concepts that the SDK provides, as well as provide example code to get started with some services. For a more complete look at the classes and methods provided by the library, it is recommended to look at the SDK's API reference documentation.

Depending on the platform you are developing for, the installation guide may be slightly different, but in both cases, usage of the SDK is the same.

Select a Platform

If you are developing applications in the browser, please visit the AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser section.

If you are developing applications on the server side using Node.js, see the AWS SDK for Node.js section.

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