AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide - AWS SDKs and Tools

AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide

Applicable to all SDKs and tools

AWS SDKs and Tools maintenance policy covers the maintenance policy and versioning for AWS Software Development Kits (SDKs) and tools, including Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) SDKs, and their underlying dependencies.

Applicable to some SDKs and tools

Many SDKs and tools share some common functionality, either through shared design specifications or through a shared library, such as the AWS Common Runtime (CRT) libraries.

This guide includes information regarding:

This AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide is intended to be a base of information that is applicable to multiple SDKs and tools. The specific SDK or tool guide for the SDK or tool you are using should be used in addition to any information presented here. The following are the relevant guides which have additional information in this guide:

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