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The main AWS namespace

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Modules: EventListeners Classes: ACM, APIGateway, AppStream, ApplicationAutoScaling, Athena, AutoScaling, Batch, Budgets, CUR, CloudDirectory, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CloudFront, CloudHSM, CloudHSMV2, CloudSearch, CloudSearchDomain, CloudSearch, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, CloudWatchEvents, CloudWatchLogs, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeStar, CognitoIdentity, CognitoIdentityCredentials, CognitoIdentityServiceProvider, CognitoSync, Config, ConfigService, CredentialProviderChain, Credentials, DAX, DMS, DataPipeline, DeviceFarm, DirectConnect, DirectoryService, Discovery, DynamoDB, DynamoDBStreams, DynamoDB, EC2, EC2MetadataCredentials, ECR, ECS, ECSCredentials, EFS, ELB, ELBv2, EMR, ES, ElastiCache, ElasticBeanstalk, ElasticTranscoder, Endpoint, EnvironmentCredentials, FileSystemCredentials, Firehose, GameLift, Glacier, Glue, Greengrass, Health, HttpClient, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, IAM, ImportExport, Inspector, Iot, IotData, KMS, Kinesis, KinesisAnalytics, Lambda, Lambda, LexModelBuildingService, LexRuntime, Lightsail, MTurk, MachineLearning, MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics, MarketplaceEntitlementService, MarketplaceMetering, MetadataService, MigrationHub, Mobile, MobileAnalytics, OpsWorks, OpsWorksCM, Organizations, Pinpoint, Polly, RDS, RDS, RDS, RDS, RDS, Redshift, Rekognition, Request, ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI, Response, Route53, Route53Domains, S3, SAMLCredentials, SES, SMS, SNS, SQS, SSM, STS, SWF, Service, ServiceCatalog, SharedIniFileCredentials, Shield, SimpleDB, Snowball, StepFunctions, StorageGateway, Support, TemporaryCredentials, WAF, WAFRegional, WebIdentityCredentials, WorkDocs, WorkSpaces, XRay

Constant Summary

SimpleWorkflow =

Backwards compatibility for access to the AWS.SWF service class.


Loading and Setting Configuration Options collapse

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Property Details

configObject (static, readwrite)

Reset configuration

Default Value:

AWS.config = new AWS.Config()

eventsAWS.SequentialExecutor (static, readonly)

Returns a collection of global event listeners that are attached to every sent request.

Default Value: = new AWS.SequentialExecutor()


Logging the time taken to send a request'send', function startSend(resp) {
  resp.startTime = new Date().getTime();
}).on('complete', function calculateTime(resp) {
  var time = (new Date().getTime() - resp.startTime) / 1000;
  console.log('Request took ' + time + ' seconds');

new AWS.S3().listBuckets(); // prints 'Request took 0.285 seconds'


  • (AWS.SequentialExecutor)

    a collection of global event listeners that are attached to every sent request.

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