Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)

Oracle Time Zone

The Time Zone option lets you change the system time zone used by Oracle databases in a DB instance. You might need to change the time zone for a DB instance if you need to have time compatibility with an on-premises environment or a legacy application. This option changes the time zone at the host level and impacts all date columns and values including SYSDATE and SYSTIMESTAMP. This option can only be applied once to a DB instance. You should take a DB snapshot of your DB instance before applying this option to a DB instance so that you can recover the instance if the time zone option is set incorrectly.

The Timezone option differs from the rdsadmin_util.alter_db_time_zone command. The rdsadmin_util.alter_db_time_zone command only changes the time zone for certain data types, while the Timezone option changes the time zone at the host level and impacts all date columns and values such as SYSDATE.


Applying the Timezone option to option groups used by existing DB instances could cause problems with tables that use system date to add dates or time, so you should analyze your data to determine what impact a time zone change will have. We strongly urge you to test setting this option on a test DB instance before setting it on your production instances.

The Timezone option is a permanent and persistent option that cannot be removed from an option group once it is added, and the option group cannot be disassociated from a DB instance. This option can be applied immediately by selecting Apply Immediately or it can be applied at the next maintenance window.

There are three ways that you can add the Timezone option to an option group. You can use the Amazon RDS console, the add-option-to-option-group AWS CLI command, or the ModifyOptionGroup API action.


The following example uses the AWS CLI add-option-to-option-group command to add the Timezone option and the TIME_ZONE option setting to an option group called myoptiongroup. The time zone is set to Africa/Cairo.

For Linux, OS X, or Unix:

aws rds add-option-to-option-group \ --option-group-name "myoptiongroup" \ --options "OptionName=Timezone,OptionSettings=[{Name=TIME_ZONE,Value=Africa/Cairo}]" \ --apply-immediately

For Windows:

aws rds add-option-to-option-group ^ --option-group-name "myoptiongroup" ^ --options "OptionName=Timezone,OptionSettings=[{Name=TIME_ZONE,Value=Africa/Cairo}]" ^ --apply-immediately

Available Time Zones

The following values can be used for the TIME_ZONE option setting.

Zone Time Zone


Africa/Cairo, Africa/Casablanca, Africa/Harare, Africa/Lagos, Africa/Luanda, Africa/Monrovia, Africa/Nairobi, Africa/Tripoli, Africa/Windhoek


America/Araguaina, America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires, America/Asuncion, America/Bogota, America/Caracas, America/Chicago, America/Chihuahua, America/Cuiaba, America/Denver, America/Detroit, America/Fortaleza, America/Godthab, America/Guatemala, America/Halifax, America/Lima, America/Los_Angeles, America/Manaus, America/Matamoros, America/Mexico_City, America/Monterrey, America/Montevideo, America/New_York, America/Phoenix, America/Santiago, America/Sao_Paulo, America/Tijuana, America/Toronto


Asia/Amman, Asia/Ashgabat, Asia/Baghdad, Asia/Baku, Asia/Bangkok, Asia/Beirut, Asia/Calcutta, Asia/Damascus, Asia/Dhaka, Asia/Hong_Kong, Asia/Irkutsk, Asia/Jakarta, Asia/Jerusalem, Asia/Kabul, Asia/Karachi, Asia/Kathmandu, Asia/Kolkata, Asia/Krasnoyarsk, Asia/Magadan, Asia/Manila, Asia/Muscat, Asia/Novosibirsk, Asia/Rangoon, Asia/Riyadh, Asia/Seoul, Asia/Shanghai, Asia/Singapore, Asia/Taipei, Asia/Tehran, Asia/Tokyo, Asia/Ulaanbaatar, Asia/Vladivostok, Asia/Yakutsk, Asia/Yerevan


Atlantic/Azores, Atlantic/Cape_Verde


Australia/Adelaide, Australia/Brisbane, Australia/Darwin, Australia/Eucla, Australia/Hobart, Australia/Lord_Howe, Australia/Perth, Australia/Sydney


Brazil/DeNoronha, Brazil/East


Canada/Newfoundland, Canada/Saskatchewan




Europe/Amsterdam, Europe/Athens, Europe/Berlin, Europe/Dublin, Europe/Helsinki, Europe/Kaliningrad, Europe/London, Europe/Madrid, Europe/Moscow, Europe/Paris, Europe/Prague, Europe/Rome, Europe/Sarajevo


Pacific/Apia, Pacific/Auckland, Pacific/Chatham, Pacific/Fiji, Pacific/Guam, Pacific/Honolulu, Pacific/Kiritimati, Pacific/Marquesas, Pacific/Samoa, Pacific/Tongatapu, Pacific/Wake


US/Alaska, US/Central, US/East-Indiana, US/Eastern, US/Pacific



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