AWS Identity and Access Management
User Guide

Changing the AWS Account ("root") Password

You can change the password for the AWS account (the "root" user). You must be signed in as the root user in order to change the root password.

To change the password for the AWS root account

  1. Use your AWS account email address and password to sign in to the AWS Management Console.


    If you previously signed in to the console with IAM user credentials, your browser might remember this preference and open your account-specific sign-in page. You cannot use the user sign-in page to sign in with your root account credentials. If you see the user sign-in page, click Sign in using root account credentials near the bottom of the page to return to the root account sign-in page.

  2. In the upper right corner of the console, click the arrow next to the account name or number and then click Security Credentials. If a prompt appears, click Continue to Security Credentials.

            Security Credentials link in the navigation bar

  3. On the Your Security Credentials page, expand the Password section and then click Click here.

            The Change Account Password link

  4. On the Password line click Edit to change your password.

            The Change Account link