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Simple Calculator Lambda Function

As an illustration, we will use a Node.js Lambda function that performs the binary operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Simple Calculator Lambda Function Input Format

This function takes an input of the following format:

{ "a": "Number", "b": "Number", "op": "string"}

where op can be any of (+, -, *, /, add, sub, mul, div).

Simple Calculator Lambda Function Output Format

When an operation succeeds, it returns the result of the following format:

{ "a": "Number", "b": "Number", "op": "string", "c": "Number"}

where c holds the result of the calculation.

Simple Calculator Lambda Function Implementation

The implementation of the Lambda function is as follows:

console.log('Loading the Calc function'); exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) { console.log('Received event:', JSON.stringify(event, null, 2)); if (event.a === undefined || event.b === undefined || event.op === undefined) { callback("400 Invalid Input"); } var res = {}; res.a = Number(event.a); res.b = Number(event.b); res.op = event.op; if (isNaN(event.a) || isNaN(event.b)) { callback("400 Invalid Operand"); } switch(event.op) { case "+": case "add": res.c = res.a + res.b; break; case "-": case "sub": res.c = res.a - res.b; break; case "*": case "mul": res.c = res.a * res.b; break; case "/": case "div": res.c = res.b===0 ? NaN : Number(event.a) / Number(event.b); break; default: callback("400 Invalid Operator"); break; } callback(null, res); };

Create the Simple Calculator Lambda Function

You can use the AWS Lambda console at to create the function, pasting the above code listing into the online code editor as follows.