Amazon Athena
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Service Limits


You can contact AWS Support to request a limit increase for the limits listed here.
  • By default, concurrency limits on your account allow you to submit five concurrent DDL queries (used for creating tables and adding partitions) and five concurrent SELECT queries at a time. This is a soft limit and you can request a limit increase for concurrent queries.
  • If you use Athena in regions where AWS Glue is available, migrate to AWS Glue Catalog. See Upgrading to the AWS Glue Data Catalog Step-by-Step. If you have migrated to AWS Glue, for service limits on tables, databases, and partitions in Athena, see AWS Glue Limits.
  • If you have not migrated to AWS Glue Catalog, you can request a limit increase.
  • You may encounter a limit for Amazon S3 buckets per account, which is 100. Athena also needs a separate bucket to log results.
  • Query timeout: 30 minutes

Other Notable Limitations#

  • User-defined functions (UDFs or UDAFs) are not supported.
  • Stored procedures are not supported.
  • Certain DDL functions are not supported. For more information, see Unsupported DDL.
  • A particular subset of data types are supported. For more information, see the reference for data_type in CREATE TABLE.