AWS Billing and Cost Management
User Guide (Version 2.0)

Paying Bills for Multiple Accounts Using Consolidated Billing


Consolidated billing is now a feature of AWS Organizations. The information provided in the Billing and Cost Management documentation might be out of date. For current information about consolidated billing, see Consolidated Billing and AWS Organizations in the AWS Organizations User Guide.

You can use the Consolidated Billing feature to consolidate payment for multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts or multiple Amazon International Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL) accounts within your organization by designating one of them to be the payer account. With Consolidated Billing, you can see a combined view of AWS charges incurred by all accounts, as well as get a cost report for each individual account associated with your payer account. Consolidated Billing is offered at no additional charge. AWS and AISPL accounts cannot be consolidated together.

Here's an overview of how you use the Consolidated Billing feature:

Consolidated Billing Process

  1. You sign up for Consolidated Billing in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console, and designate your account as a payer account. Now your account can pay the charges of the other accounts, which are called linked accounts. The payer account and the accounts linked to it are called a Consolidated Billing account family.

  2. You add linked accounts to the consolidated bill.

  3. Each month AWS charges your payer account for all the linked accounts you added to the consolidated bill.

                How consolidated billing works

The payer account is billed for all charges of the linked accounts. However, each linked account is completely independent in every other way (signing up for services, accessing resources, using AWS Premium Support, etc.). The payer account owner cannot access data belonging to the linked account owners (e.g., their files in Amazon S3). Each account owner uses their own IAM user name and password, with account permissions assigned independently of any other account in the Consolidated Billing family.

For more information about IAM, see the following:

Owners of payer accounts are advised to secure their accounts by using AWS Multi-Factor Authentication and a strong password. For more information, see Securing the Consolidated Billing Payer's Account.

Benefits of Consolidated Billing

  • One Bill—You get one bill for multiple accounts.

  • Easy Tracking—You can easily track each account's charges and download the cost data in CSV format.

  • Combined Usage—If you have multiple accounts today, your charges might actually decrease because AWS combines usage from all the accounts to qualify you for volume pricing discounts (for more information, see Volume Discounts).